Over these amazing 15 years I’ve developed a full range of skills critical for the business to grow and to evolve in the right direction. I want to pass these same skills on to you; I want to give you all the elements and the keys to empower you and let you enjoy all the benefits that network marketing can bring to people’s lives.

The profile of a good network marketer is a mix of hard and soft skills, but most of all it’s a matter of attitude. This is the first truth I want to give you: the attitude to be successful in network marketing is that of a giver. You have to engage with people from a giver perspective, giving value to them, not only selling to or recruiting them. Remember: it’s always relationships over business, value above business. It’s always other people first.

The giver attitude should become the first of your habits in network marketing, your groundwork. Starting from this point I’ll help you maximize your results and be more successful by giving the right answers to the questions all network marketers usually asks themselves sooner or later:

How to be more powerful in connecting with new people, presenting the opportunity, following up?

It’s easy, if you start from the groundwork I mentioned. Here again, it’s all about caring enough for people to have patience with them, to come back, to follow up, just because you want them to understand the opportunity. If it’s more for them than for you, you’re on the right path!

Why personal development is so crucial and how to make it happen?

Network marketing is mostly a question of relationships, of engaging with people, of creating a virtuous circle of mutual benefits. To make it happen better every day, we have to work on ourselves, on our bad habits to make them good habits, on our skills and beliefs. Let’s do it together!

How to be more effective in organization & management (goals, planning, time management)?

This is crucial. If you fail in setting your goals reasonably, in planning your activities and in using your time efficiently, then chances of success are very low. I learned that myself the hard way. Remember: time doesn’t equal efficiency.

How to be more powerful in sponsoring?

When it comes to network marketing recruiting, the secret is not to pitch but…to ask questions. Take it as a mantra: it’s not about you, it’s all about the person you are recruiting.

I want to close with a second truth for you. Perhaps like each of you, I used to think that everybody did network marketing differently, that every single leader had a different approach. The good news is that’s not true. Yes, everybody has their own personality and their own character, but what they do is exactly the same thing and they just give it a different name. Every single sustainable network marketing superstar is doing the very same thing. So, that means you can learn these same things, apply them to your business and flourish!


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