How inclined are you to give out your personal information, phone number, and email address? I’m sure it’s something you are very reluctant to do. I understand that. On the web we’re constantly urged to leave our email address in order to receive more information, subscribe to a newsletter, or join a community. All this comes with the fear our information can be spread to unknown and unwelcomed third parties.

What I have also experienced is that people are often hesitant about reaching out to someone through his/her website, because they don’t know what might happen: a torrent of emails, requests to buy this or that, or worst of all, ads.

I know that — even here at the end of each post — you find my invitation to share your email address. But, because I want to erase all of your doubts or skepticism, I’ll tell you point by point what happens when someone gets in touch with me to start a mentorship journey together:

  • I receive your email address and generally a short message of introduction.
  • I get back to you promptly, asking if you are more the “telephone” or the “email” type of person. I often recommend an easy-going talk by phone at this point, because it’s much easier to understand each other and find out if a connection lights up.
  • By phone or email, I find out what your goals and your dreams are, what your “why” is. I also send a simple email for your review with a selection of links that I believe are incredible, awesome and inspiring.
  • Next, we talk about strategy: a time-tested framework which I customize person by person, according to your specific traits, abilities, and past experiences.
  • At this point, we start working on your business, meaning that not only are you working on it, but I work on it together with you — this happens if you join the company I’m in.
  • Otherwise, if you are in another company, I will still guide and lead you, according to what we’ve agreed upon during the early stage of our conversation.

This is how it works, plain and simple. No tricks. No bait and switch. I’m absolutely not afraid of giving out information upfront, because I want to be transparent, truthful and direct with people. If a connection between you and me fails to spark, no need to worry. These things happen. But if we do discover a connection and we start this journey together, I can promise to help you make the huge step up that you’ve been hoping for.


If you’re looking for a network marketing professional and you’re willing to have a chat with me, please leave your name and a message here.

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  • Abril de Rodriguez

    Hi!! I’m a Jeunesse distributor from Mexico. I’ve been sign up for almost 2 years and I havent earn anything. I really want to make this work for me and for others that are in my situation.

    I just saw a interview of you and your wife and I felt conected with you guys. I look for your page and found this offer to being a mentor, and I would like to know if you could help me. I will apreciate your help.

    Thank you very much.

  • lucy parker

    Hey Danien. I’m in Jeunesse in your team in Dubai and your energy and tenacity to make this big is something that has kept me climbing so a BIG THANKYOU to you and Stefania!!! You’re awesome. I wouldnt have it any other way!

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