Let me ask you: how would you describe your personality? Are you a pessimistic type? Optimistic? Or realistic? Are you an analyzer? Or a communicator?

Today I want to talk about the topic of personalities for MLM. It’s an important topic, because network marketing is a people business, based on relationship, interaction and engagement, so your character and personality do affect its outcome.

bf5_0There are many articles online and even books dealing with the different personality types of network marketer. They usually show a list of labels, which sometimes are very funny and creative. I’ve found on the web labels like “red sharks”, “blue dolphins”, “yellow whales” and “green urchins”.They were likely inspired by the book The Four Color Personalities For MLM: The Secret Language For Network Marketing, which says that the network marketer can have a red, blue, green or yellow personality. For each of these colors the bookassigns several adjectives. For example: if you’re a red personality, you’re competitive and driven; if you’re a blue personality, you’re analytical and precise; if you’re green, you’re amiable and caring; and if you’re a yellow type, you’re dynamic and enthusiastic.

It’s an imaginative classification and I don’t want to say it doesn’t have any use, of course. Spotting the attributes that best define your personality is a good practice, to see what you’re good at and where you can improve.

However, I’m personally more of the “few-words-but-straight-to-the-point” type of person. I mean that to succeed as a network marketing professional, I believe you should have only four major characteristics. Develop the four of them and you can happily keep on being the blue, analytical and precise guy or the red competitive shark, or even just being yourself and not caring about these labels.

Four easy-peasy characteristics, which are:


Or high energy, powerful. If you’re a network marketer, it means that you’re a courageous person, an entrepreneur who has already got rid of the daily patterns and disempowering beliefs that freeze the majority of people. By embracing network marketing you have made a big change in your life, you have come to know what vitality is, and this spirit of vitality probably already involves all areas of your life: physical – financial – spiritual. Vitality is contagious. If you’re vital, high energy and excited, show it to others, make it visible through your face and your body. Relationships aremostly about the energy that istransported and how you make people feel. In the end people forget what you say, but remember how they feel, because energy vibrates.


Be who you are. Be true. Be honest. Be accountable.

Don’t fake. There is no shortcut in network marketing. Remember that people will do what you do, not what you say they should do. Be authentic.

All real CHANGE comes from the inside and it starts with you. If people feel you’re faking it, there won’t be anything or anyone that will be able to help.

And trust me here: once you’ve realized your dreams, you’ll discover that the person you’ve become is much more valuable than the money you’ve made. 


Loyalty is about earning people’s enthusiastic commitment to a relationship that will improve their lives over the long term”: this is a quotation fromFrederick Reichheld, a New York Times best-selling author, speaker and business strategist best known for his research and writing on the loyalty business model and loyalty marketing.

Usually people follow the leader. So, if you change company you’ll likely bring with you a large part of your existing team. People care most about working with the person they trust. Just to give an example: the biggest move I’ve heard of personally is fromBrig Hart, one of the iconsof network marketing history, who moved at least 100,000 people from one company to another.

So, stay loyal to your team.

Stay loyal to those who want to go all the way to the top with you.


I truly believe that one opportunity can change your whole life, that one decision can change everything; that one contact, one relationship can really get the best out of you and help you to step up; that one person can really touch and inspire you, turning your world upside down.

Network marketing is about being receptive, getting out into the world with eyes and ears wide open, ready to grasp the good that comes out of it.

Receptiveness means that you’re open to what’s going to happen, that you believe that every day is a gift and you’re there with open arms ready to welcome it.

You feel it deeply inside of you, and with this approach you feel for the first time in your life that you really have the ability to get there, that you’re getting closer to your goals, day by day.


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