MLM friends, this book is our bible! Whatever your stage is at the moment in your network marketing career — either at the very beginning, starting to grow, or in need of a boost — you cannot help but read and treasure this essential book, which is the blueprint on how to be successful. In few words, it talks about the principles of network marketing, the skills that you have to develop and the roadmap to start developing them.

I want to tell you why I consider this book a must for every network marketer. The reasons are many actually, but if I had to choose reason number 1, I’d say:


selection_063His ultimate objective is to spread the word to every single corner of the globe, to say to the world “Hey listen, there is a better way!”. The spirit of network marketing is sharing and caring for others, and the fact that Worre highlights the words “learn and then teach” is really inspiring. In a video he says: “I want you to learn so well that you can teach them (the skills). If you can do that, then your organization is going really to take off”.

He also says that it takes some time to master these skills. This makes sense. I’m sure not one of you thinks that just by reading the book you would in the blink of an eye assimilate and apply each concept.However, the thing you can control is how much time it takes. On average, if you discover everything on your own it’ll take a bit longer than if you go along the road with someone who did it before you and can reveal to you all the secrets and tricks.

When someone joins my team, the first thing I do is give him/her the book and ask him/her to read it carefully, because those are exactly the steps I’ll be working on with people. Within the steps, I have my own approach, which I like to describe with three words: High Energy – Clear – Focused 

The 7 steps the book lays out are:

1) Finding Prospects

2) Inviting Prospects to Understand Your Product/Opportunity

3) Presenting Your Product or Opportunity to Your Prospects

4) Following Up With Your Prospects

5) Helping Your Prospects Become Customers or Distributors

6) Helping Your New Distributor Get Started Right

7) Promoting Events

Master these skills and your game will be sharp. As Eric Worre says: “I really want people to master the concepts because when that happens the network marketing profession changes forever”.

28ae5ecYes, your life as a network marketer will change forever! And you can help others to change their lives because the skills are not only all learnable and doable, they are also repeatable, so you can teach them to others. This third characteristic is also really crucial for your own business, because network marketing is a world that thrives if everyone involved is successful. Its lifeblood is the success of every single person committed to this amazing business. I’ve already said this else where: their success is your success! Think about that: if the aim of the network marketing community globally is to change the lives of the ones who aren’t still aware of the “better way”, that means it is filled with the greatest people in the world, people who are not selfish and not dog-eat-dog, but generous, helpful and supportive. And you’re among them!

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