Does it sound banal? Not really groundbreaking? Maybe so, but this rule is so simple and true, and, as always, simple truths are the ones that hold up against the flow of time. So, my rule number 1 in network marketing is: love the product you sell.

coinfidentialIn traditional business, if you work in sales, you might end up selling stuff like industrial pumps, bolts, disposable gloves and other unglamorous products that are honestly difficult to love. You can manage, however, to be a super sales rep, no doubt about that. I’ve known people who were phenomenally successful in selling even mundane and boring stuff, before turning to network marketing. Some of them disclosed to me their secret, which was more or less: you don’t have to love what you’re selling to believe in what you’re selling. Believing in what you’re selling basically means that you believe that your product or service can really help your prospects and solve your customers’ problem. If you didn’t believe the products could live up to your promises, then they would be way too hard to sell.

Now, returning to network marketing, we’re at an advantage because we can retain this insider “secret” and apply it to our business. In addition, we don’t need to make do with products we’re not passionate about. In network marketing you can freely choose the product you’re most interested in. You can choose your field, ranging from health, beauty, wellness, nutrition, housewares, even books. You can choose your company, based on its compensation plan, the training programs it offers, the global revenue it boasts and its overall reputation. You can also choose the leader you want to follow and be guided by. Would you have all this freedom in any traditional business? Probably not.

I know a guy who was the presidential director of a MLM company. He was very successful, making $10,000 a month with a couple hundred people on his team. After some time he decided to leave the company because he wasn’t happy with the way it was run, nor with the product. He then started out on his own, but he’s still been looking around to find the right MLM company for him because he misses network marketing. He misses working with people and he wants to get back into the business. When this happens, he will probably have all his people following him in the new adventure, if they see him as their leader and mentor. But if they happen to dislike the new product or the company, they can freely remain where they are. You can totally decide for yourself in network marketing.

listenWhen you love the product you sell, everything turns out to be very simple. If you use firsthand a skincare cream or a diet supplement that does wonders for you, you know it will also work on other people. The perfect match is between:

  • a good product that is effective for you and that you use and know thoroughly;
  • the right attitude towards people.

What do I mean by “the right attitude”? I mean that your first aim shouldn’t be to sell or to recruit. Your first aim should be to truly listen to the person in front of you, to understand his/her problem, to be sympathetic, and eventually to show him/her how your product could help. First of all, you have to enjoy and be passionate about the process of interacting with people, building relationships, solving people’s problems. Eventually, all this will lead you to close the deal.

Years ago I heard the story of a medical sales rep who worked in a pharmaceutical company. He was in charge of the distribution in his area of a basic over-the-counter drug, with fierce competition. He was very successful and regularly topped his sales targets. He was clearly very capable in interacting with doctors and pharmacists, but the curious thing that has stuck with me ever since hearing this story is that he used to sleep with a package of his product on his night table. He was known in his company for this little quirk but nobody laughed, because his results spoke for themselves.

So, my friends, love the product you sell and love the people you engage with!


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