After my rule number 1, here is my rule number 2: follow a method and increase your sales in network marketing. Methods exist in any field and they are fundamental for some basic reasons:

  • they have been tested by many and proved to be successful; therefore they are reliable;

  • they make life easier

Depending on the company you’re working in, you are likely to follow different methods, suggested by the training programs your company provides. Or, your method might come out of the teachings of your network marketing coach. Either way, if it works for you, then stick to it. Otherwise, start looking around.
Over the years what I’ve found out is that the easier a method is the more effective. And I’ll tell you more: methods, actually, are the practical implementation of an unvarying approach every single sustainable network marketing superstar adopts towards the business. What changes is the person’s character and personality, but what they do is exactly the same and they just give it a different name and…a different method. That’s why following a method is so crucial: if you have a leader you are inspired by, or a coach who is guiding you, and you’re following these people because they’re successful and making impressive amounts of money a month, then the smartest thing you can do is to reproduce their moves.

I personally have always followed some basic practices, which have led me to where I am today. No secrets here, they are:

  • Never Stop Networking

The thing you should enjoy doing the most in network marketing is…networking! If you stop enjoying this intrinsic part of the business, people will feel it and you will start losing your influence. Once, during an interview, I was asked this question: “Imagine you have to start all over again and you know no one: no family, no mentor, nobody. You’re like an alien that went to another planet and all your current knowledge is experience and wisdom. What’s the first thing you would do, or the first place you’d go, to start your business from scratch?” My answer was that I would ask myself two questions. The first one is “what do I enjoy doing?”; I would make up a list and go out there and look for people who have the same common interests. I would engage in activities that I enjoy doing because these activities make me happy naturally. If you’re happy you’re energetic, and energy is attractive. The second question is “what am I good at?”, because if I’m good in a particular field I’m a natural leader in that field, and it gives me credibility and influence. So, what I would do is to look at these two things and start building a social life, start connecting with people. I’d be super high energy every single time I meet people. When two people meet it’s not about what they know but about the energy they put in. It’s how much they care.

Starting from this point, selling comes smooth as silk.

  • Goal_SettingCreate Goals For Yourself

If you want to make “X” amount of money per month then do the math. Goals help you go in the right direction, avoid wasting time and, ultimately, plan a good strategy. When I was 17 and just getting into network marketing, I bought the cheapest product among the range offered by the company I worked for. It was a $40 package of protein bars, and I bought them specifically as a reward for myself: for every 1,000 flyers that I put in the mailboxes, I rewarded myself with one protein bar, in a sort of celebration. This too is a goal. I’ve started like this and never stopped keeping up the good habit.

  • Follow Up With Your Customers (and your customers-to-be)

The groundwork is always that you care for people, and you know that they are people first, not just customers. So, keep track of what they bought and of when they’re likely to run out of product; touch base with them to ask if everything is OK, if they have any questions, so that they become and stay repeat customers. For the customers-to-be, you only have to put in practice the right attitude: since you care for them, you want them to understand the opportunity in the first place, you want them to open up their eyes and make them see the better way network marketing provides. It’s not selling and recruiting, it’s more about educating people.

  • Get Onlinesocial-network

Most of our day is spent online, so social networks or your website (if you have one) are the best means to make your business visible to a large audience. You can share new products, communicate buying incentives or interesting features of the company or, even, entertaining aspects of your business through a blog. You can encourage others to do the same, and thus create a spirit of sharing and participation.

  • Sponsor

If your customers want to become network marketers themselves, make sure that you provide them with the skills and training that they will need in order to be successful. Teach them how they can reach new customers, how to keep track of their business, and, ultimately, how to become as successful as you. It’s a win-win situation: their success is yours as well!


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