Everyone of us has different ideas, opinions, visions depending on our past and the experiences we’ve collectedthroughout our life.

To give an example: take two people, similar to one another, with comparable professional and familiar backgrounds:

  • One person, after a long time as an employee, decides that it’s time to finally realize his lifelong dream. He has a lot of experience in selling, has always been a sales rep and knows how to deal with people. He is aware he can do more in life: he wants to work on his own, for himself and his family. Entrepreneurship might be risky, while he knows that network marketing is the good in-between; it gives you the opportunity to leverage like a business owner without having the risk of being one. He embraces network marketing and now he has freedom, fun, new friends, amd an income of several thousand dollars a month he would never have made as an employee.helpful-tips-for-success-in-network-marketing
  • The otherperson also has always been an employee. He is a sales rep with many years of experience and has switched companies several times to advance in his career. But the competition is stiff and the steps ahead are more like mini-steps. He’s not happy with himself and his life and would like to do more, but he’s scared of anything out of his comfort zone. Fear and even a bit of idleness block him and, even if he knowsthat options do exist, he is not willing to grab them.employee

Now, if you happen to meet these two guys, they are going to tell you two completely different stories; the first will use words like “follow your dream”, “don’t be afraid of the new”, “free yourself”, and he will deeply back the idea of standing up for oneself and change one’s life; the second will try to convince you of howhe was not to take hasty leaps, how it is far safer not to trade the old for the new, piling up reasons on reasons.It’s crystal clear: our experiences shape the vision we have of life, our attitude and behavior. That’s why we tend to feel closer to people who are similar to us, whom we can exchange stories with, who we can understand and be sympathetic to.

I’ve often been told that my story is amazing to hear, even inspiring. If that is really true, I’m happy simply because it can help people to see things differently, to give a boost to their life and, maybe, change it into what they’ve always wanted it to be.

So, speaking of life experiences, I had one which laid the groundwork for my network marketing career and which has definitely shaped my vision of this industry, and of life in general.It’s mentorship. To me, mentorship was the turning point of my career in network marketing and I cannot help but recommend it to every single network marketer who is struggling to make his/her business grow or to advance to the next level.

I already shared bits of my story in previous posts, but I will say something new here: my mentor was the one who gave me clarity. When I went into business full time for the first time, it was the worst moment in my life. I wasn’t prepared for the situation: I lacked time management skills, I wasn’t capable of managing all the pressure I started to feel because Ihad to absolutely make things happen. I worked really hard but no significant results came out of it, and I was at a total loss as to how to improve and advance. I quit network marketing for four years, then I came back. But, this time, I couldn’t allow myself to make mistakes. The only way to give myself a real chance was to learn from someone else, discover the secrets of the ones who made it big.So, I went in search of my coach and mentor and, eventually, I found the right guy. That was five years ago. I owe him for where I am today. When I say that he gave me clarity I mean that he taught me the way every successful network marketer acts and runs the business. As said here, the path is unique, what changes is our character, our personality, and our method. Remember: clarity is power. When I found clarity on how to build the business, I could put all my focus and strengths in the right direction.

During my mentorship I also attended other seminars, especially in the US (the country where the best network marketers come from), and it was on these occasions thatI realized I had really made a huge step ahead.One of these meetings was by Eric Worre — the great Eric Worre. Ilistenedcarefully to everything he was saying and I discovered it was the very same thing my mentor passed on to me, just said in different words. What I understood, there on the spot, was that the search for the path was over: I knew the way.From that moment on, I’ve had a career of achievements in every way: lots of money, fun, friendship, travel, freedom, personal development…with much more to come!

So, friends, the question is now: do you have the clarity that is needed to succeed in network marketing?


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